Royalty-Free Terms Of Use

All royalty-free music created by Daryl Barnes are made available for commercial and non-commercial use via a non-exclusive license, and shall remain property of Daryl Barnes.

To use Daryl’s royalty-free music (hereinafter referred to simply as “music”), you must acknowledge and agree to the following conditions and limitations:

Use Of Royalty-Free Music:

  • You may use the music in a game, as well as marketing materials related to the game (such as trailers, promotional videos, Kickstarter campaign videos, etc.)
  • You may use the music in as many games as you want, in any game development engine (see “Limitations” below for more information).
  • You may make minor edits to the music, such as changing the volume, cutting or extending the track length, or applying additional equalization/effects, granted it does not cause the music to be drastically different from its original form.
  • If you use Patreon as a major funding source for your game’s development, you may share only the MP3 versions, if available, with your patrons.
  • You must provide credit to Daryl Barnes, and include a link to in your game’s credits. For more information on this, please refer to the section “Crediting Guidelines” below.
  • You do not have to pay royalties or licensing fees to use the music in your project, as long as the usage does not conflict with any of the conditions or limitations stated on this page.


  • You may not distribute the music by itself. This includes, but is not limited to: Selling the music as part of a physical or digital soundtrack, re-selling the music in order to license royalty-free use to another party, sharing the files with another party, reuploading the music onto your own server, or otherwise making the music available to unauthorized parties.
  • You may share the music with members of your game’s development team, as long as they do not use the music in their own projects without purchasing the music themselves.
  • You may not make remixes of the music, or make edits to the music that make it drastically different from its original form. This includes adding lyrics, vocal performances or any other additional instruments.

Crediting Guidelines:

You must provide credit to Daryl Barnes in-game, on the game’s website, and on any marketing materials where the music is used or the game credits are listed. Please use the following text to properly provide credit, replacing [Name of music pack] with the music pack(s) you used:

  • [Name of music asset]
  • by Daryl Barnes

Lastly, if you use my royalty-free music in your game, it would be great if you could tell about your game and send me a digital copy or Steam key. This is not required, but would definitely be appreciated!

If you have any questions about the terms of use, what you may or may not do with the music, or how to credit me in your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me!