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Artwork by ircart

Fantastic Adventures Vol. 1


If you need music suitable for an epic yet whimsical adventure, then this is the music pack for you!

Fantastic Adventures Vol. 1 includes 10 tracks that will set the stage for your next adventure! These tracks are great for any type of game, but are especially perfect in anime-inspired games such as JRPGs and fantasy visual novels. Volume 1 of Fantastic Adventures primarily focuses on spectacular orchestral tracks that work well for exploring both breathtaking and mysterious lands, fighting dangerous foes with your cute party members, and taking a stroll around town.

What kind of adventures will you go on with these music tracks?


  1. Welcome To The Fantastic World!
  2. Pastel Fields
  3. Fantastic Battle!
  4. A Day At Market Square
  5. Daylight
  6. Roads To Everywhere
  7. On Steam-Powered Wings
  8. Dance With Death
  9. This Castle Sure Is Spooky-Looking…
  10. Deep Breath Of The Forest
  11. Secrets Of The Shore
  12. The Adventure Is Just Beginning…!

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