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Sneaky Crab


Timecrest is a well-loved, award-winning interactive story. Because the game already had a passionate fanbase that was familiar with the old stock audio, I made it my mission to make sure the new music not only sounded great, but "felt" right.

I dived deep into the magical world of Timecrest, playing through the entire game and regularly syncing up with the Sneaky Crab team to better understand the story, its themes, and its lovable characters.

Check out my interview with the devs to learn more about the process behind the Timecrest soundtrack!


Sacred Star Team

Main Composer

What started out as helping out a friend with his passion project turned into a full-blown game production team.

With multiple composers on the project, one of the most fun and fulfilling challenges was taking leitmotifs written by my collaborators, and using them to build new tracks in my element. This is truly the way to get the most value out of hiring multiple composers!


Wegenbartho Games

Composer, Sound Designer

When "experiment" is in the title, you know you're in for a good time! This project's soundtrack had me reaching into nearly every genre I was capable of.

Johanna, the main character, is an inventor - this gave me the opportunity to be inventive with sound design, like turning my cat's food bowl rotator into a steampunk robotic cannon.