What I'm up to at the moment

As of December 18, 2020

UTALIVE and VTubers

In September, I founded UTALIVE, a music production team that specializes in music and audio services for VTubers and streamers. We've had the pleasure of working with dozens of wonderful independent VTubers, as well as VShojo, a major western VTuber talent agency led by Twitch founding member Justin "theGunrun" Ignacio.

For those unfamiliar with VTubers, they are basically variety content streamers who use motion-sensing 2D anime models instead of their real faces. They are a super fun and charming lot, and you can learn more about them here!

UTALIVE also partnered up with three wonderful VTubers - Chiika Yamane, Kou Mariya, and Mint Fantome - and released a special holiday-themed song! Check it out if you're into wintery weeb love songs:

UTALIVE's first original song release!

Trying to Have Fun With It

After a recent rough patch, my mental health hit a very low point. Around that time, I learned some important lessons from my mentor Akash Thakkar regarding work-life balance and personal fulfillment. With those lessons in mind, and with the support of my partner, I'm pleased to say that I'm getting better at resting and playing just as hard as I work!

To that end, I've picked up my old love for playing guitar, just for fun. I even treated myself to a custom Kiesel Delos 7 string, which should be due to arrive any day now!

One activity that has been especially therapeutic for me is playing Genshin Impact. I am obsessed with this game - so much, that I ended up re-scoring a scene from the game, featuring my headcanon couple. :3

Seriously, find someone who looks at you the way Lisa looks at Jean.

Goals for the Future

I'm currently working on making more content for YouTube, and getting back into the flow of regularly posting on Twitter/Instgram. I'm also challenging myself to start streaming - a truly herculean task for a hyper-introvert like myself! xD

UTALIVE is growing at an incredible speed, and I intend to continue giving it my best. That being said, I'm available and would be delighted to take on a few game scoring jobs throughout 2021.

I am especially interested in games that:

  • Are narrative-driven.
  • Have strong female, POC, and/or LGBT+ characters.
  • Have an anime aestehtic.
  • Plan to use dynamic music (if you use GameMaker Studio 2, I can help with audio programming!)

If any of those things sound like your game, and you're in need of some awesome music, I'd love to hear from you! If your game doesn't fit the bill but you're still interested in working together, I'd love to hear from you as well! In either case, just contact me to schedule a time to chat, and we'll see if we're a great fit for one another!

Oh, and also - I've decided to stop pursuing game sound design indefinitely. I still enjoy sound design, but moving forward I want to focus as much of my creative energy into music production as possible. I'm currently working on wrapping up the sound effects for Slime:Evo, which will be my last sound design endeavor for now, so be sure to check that out!